Making use of space to benefit our thriving creative community of start-ups is central to our philosophy, and we’re always on the lookout for both short-term temporary use and long-term space in new developments. If you have, or know of a space that we can use, so that we can provide affordable workspace, boost business opportunities, pass on skills and create jobs, then please do get in touch!

We've been occupying temporary spaces since 2009. We reduce costs to the owner, provide social gains and vacate when the lease ends. More recently we've started running long-term spaces in new developments, helping deliver Section 106 requirements and using our Collective community to bring life to new districts.

Have a space in mind? This is what we need from you:

  • Peppercorn rent.

  • 1+ year of occupation guaranteed, potentially more depending on the condition of the building.

  • Control of building access during occupation.

In return we deliver:

  • Cost savings from Collective covering the business rates, utilities and security of the space.

  • Social & economic benefits (see below). These are independently evaluated by an external organisation.

  • Engagement with the local community.

  • Organic reputation building for the area.

  • Instant activation of a new development.

  • Positive press and media coverage.

The below figures are based on analysis of our outputs to date, please feel free to use them to work out potential outputs for our use of your space.

100 m2 of Collective space for one year provides:

  • 3.61 jobs created

  • 5.07 jobs safeguarded

  • 36.65 people supported

  • 50.54 hours of SME support

  • £27,218 spend in the area by members