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Wearing Art; With Designer Liz Nehdi

24th October 2017

Liz Nehdi, fashion designer and Collective alumni, shares her thoughts on making art wearable and the standout moments in her career.

What is Liz Nehdi Studio and has women’s apparel always been at the core of what you do? What makes your brand stand out amongst others in a similar field such as scarves etc?

The whole concept behind Liz Nehdi Studio is taking artwork off the walls and making it accessible and visible to people everywhere.  Think of it as wearable art.  Using my fine art background, I take my designs and turn them into women’s apparel that is both unique and functional.  My work is inspired by the world around me: the natural world, the art of travel, having fun, and being playful.  I aim to bring a sense of joy and curiosity to those who wear my wearable art pieces.  The concept is to take artwork outside with you, enabling you to feel a sense of expression that you may have not experienced before.  I want my art to be something that can be lived in: you are now the canvas.  That is what sets Liz Nehdi Studio apart.

Tell us about your move from the states to the UK

While I was born in the U.S. and lived there for most of my early life, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively and have lived as an ex-pat abroad in several countries including France, Singapore and I now live in London, England.

What inspires your collections? Have you taken inspiration from living in countries such as Singapore, how have you incorporated these countries into your designs?

Diving deeper into my diverse inspirations, you can get a sense of where my garments and accessories get their life, their colour, and their patterns from.  I am constantly observing and absorbing the world around me.  I am constantly taking in details of the space and people that surround me with fresh perspective.  More specifically, while living in Singapore, I often visited the botanical gardens, and was especially attracted to the orchids.  These orchids are interpreted in my Laelia cashmere blend scarf, using feminine pink designs with turquoise accents.  But my designs don’t necessarily draw from just one place, but often a blend of my experiences onto one canvas.  Like my Tahiti Plage print, which is inspired by the French Riviera and South African fynbos.

What has been a significant moment in your fashion career and why?

I have also made harmonious collaborations with other artists.  My Fleur de Monsterrat kimono was featured in Polly Money’s It Would Be Ok music video, the first track off the U.K.’s singer/songwriter’s album, in April of last year.  “I love it when creative work intertwines.” Liz explained, “Fashion, especially, has the opportunity to be used in so many different ways on so many different people, and it reminds me how much I love what I do”.  I think we can all agree that when female artists come together, no matter what medium, it’s really encouraging and refreshing to see.

What’s your take on Camden Town’s style? As a creative do you feel at home in Camden Town?

Camden Town is edgy, eclectic and raw.  I love that I have the freedom to express my personal vision as I take in the fun vibes and great energy that Camden Town offers.

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