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Introducing… Bolter Design

11th October 2016

Alice and Lal moved in to Collective Temperance as a new collaborative design studio, Bolter Design. They and their occasional freelancers reside in one of the subsidised offices, working on projects that cover architecture, branding and marketing. We visited their (beautifully decorated, yellow) office to hear more from Alice about their projects.


“The reason we teamed up was we had skills across the board, and we have expertise in those areas. What’s important to communicate is that we are experts in these things, and not jack of all trades, master of none. The only way you can do that is through word of mouth.”


“Our ultimate ambition is to have a holistic design approach to branding and architecture projects. This works well with a project like a restaurant, where we would create the brand, the fit-out and the design. That would let us use a good amalgamation of both our skill sets…”

Previous projects…

“One of our favourite projects was with (Collective alumni) Tala – we’ve worked on their packaging, brand guidelines, logo, exhibition displays in the US and furniture design.

We were both involved separately in  Moggerhangar Park, which involved way-finding, signage design and maps. We were re-branding the venue.

Various design projects for the schools of Bright Young Thingsdownload

& also straight graphic projects, like our work with Fever Tree.”


“…is adding value to a business. We have long-term relationships with most of our clients. It’s about helping to build that business and build respect for one another. It’s as much consultancy as it is design. It’s so exciting to see your work appreciated – to be realised in the commercial sphere, or for someone to Instagram something you’ve done, for example.”

Visit the Bolter Design website for more info on the team and their projects.

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